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Every day, scammers send out spam emails, text messages, notices, letters or correspondence, or make phone calls to random, unknown recipients for the purposes of being deceitful to innocent people. The subject of these scams can sometimes be fines related.

These types of scams try to trick people into paying a fake fine, tell them that they no longer owe fines or state debts and sometimes try to get people to disclose their personal information such as credit card or bank account details which can compromise personal information.

If you are the recipient of an email, text message, notice, letter, correspondence or a phone call relating to fines or state debts which you suspect might be from an untrustworthy source or a hoax, contact us immediately.  Please note, our office does not issue Expiation VOID Notices, so if you receive any suspect correspondence (notices or letters) please contact us on 1800 659 538 immediately to discuss your circumstances. 

As a Fines Unit client, you may receive a text message from us to assist you to manage your new or existing fines or debts. The text message you receive will be from ‘SA Gov’ and will include links to our secure payment portal, with the web address beginning with /pay.myfines.sa.gov.au/ and may include letters and numbers after the address, which will direct you to your account on the secure payment portal, click here to view examples of text messages that we send to clients. If you receive an SMS that includes a different web address, or information that you are unsure about contact us.

For more information about how to spot hoax or spam scammers, check out Scamwatch and the SAPOL website.

To discuss your fines further, contact us on 1800 659 538 or view your notices online.