Restriction on transacting with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles

When this enforcement is applied, a person or organisation is prevented from transacting with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles - for example, they cannot renew their registration, or driver's licence.

How do I find out about the restriction?

You will receive a letter from the Fines Unit.

What will happen if I try to renew my registration?

The customer service operator will let you know that you are barred from making a transaction. You can pay your fines on the spot so that you can continue with your business.

How long does the restriction last?

The restriction is indefinite.

How can this be done?

This enforcement action is taken in accordance with Section 39 of the Fines Enforcement and Debt Recovery Act 2017.

How can I get my restriction on transacting business with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles removed?

If this enforcement action has been applied, you will need to pay your fine(s) in full or contact the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit to discuss further.